Snowfall At The Summit in Antalya

Snowfall At The Summit in Antalya

Due to the snowfall that was effective in Antalya, the high parts were covered with a white blanket. Snow thickness reached 115 centimeters in Saklıkent and 1.5 meters on peaks such as Karçukuru and Tunç Mountain in Beydağları. Along with Rize, Antalya was the region that received the most snowfall.

Snowfall, which started in the evening of January 11 in Antalya and lasted until Friday, covered many points in the high parts of the Taurus Mountains.

Urban residents flocked to areas where the snow depth exceeded 1 meter, such as Saklıkent, Feslikan, the skirts of Tunç Mountain, and Moryer.

Hundreds of people enjoyed the snow and barbecue with their families in the mountains covered in white. Hiking groups and off-road vehicle groups also went to the snowy mountains.


Beydağları, especially Saklıkent in Antalya, was the region that received the most snowfall in both Turkey and Europe during the last rains.

It has been recorded that Saklıkent, whose snow thickness reaches 115 centimeters, even surpasses the Alps.

According to the data of the General Directorate of Meteorology; In terms of snow thickness, Saklıkent and Rize-Çamlıhemşin Huser Plateau took the first place with 115 centimeters of snow.


On the other hand, snow thickness reached 1.5 meters in plateaus such as Karçukuru, Tunç Mountain, Moryer, Söğütcuması and Sarıçınar in Beydağları where Meteorology does not have measurement stations.



As part of trekking activities on the snowy peaks of Beydağları, sportive nature groups that have been ‘snow walking’ for 12 years walked 7 kilometers.


The founder of the group, Nusret Yakışıklı, who organized the march of the group of 25 people on snow up to 1 meter, reported that there was a delay of about 1 month this year in the Beydağları, which snowed in mid-December in 2018. previous years.


“It found 1 meter at low altitudes and 1.5 meters at high altitudes. In plateaus such as the Snow Pit, Tunç Mountain, Söğütcuma, Moryer, Sarıçınar, Sarıbelen in Beydağları where Meteorology does not have a measurement station, the snow thickness varies between 1.5 meters. and 1.5 meters.” said.


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