Smart Gun with Face Recognition is on Sale

Colorado-based Biofire Tech has produced a gun that can only be fired by verified users.

Face recognition technology has begun to be used in almost every aspect of life, from the streets of cities to airports, from stadiums to public buildings.

Although many users use facial recognition to unlock smartphones, companies around the world use this technology mostly for security purposes.

Facial Recognition Technology Comes to Weapons

Colorado-based Biofire Tech has produced a gun that can only be fired by verified users.

The weapon in question only works with fingerprint verification or facial recognition.

Biofire’s gun is designed to prevent accidental shooting by children, reduce suicides, protect police from gun grabs, or render lost and stolen guns useless.

Biofire has announced that the first consumer-ready versions of the 9mm pistol will ship to customers who pre-order in the fourth quarter of this year.

This is the first commercially available smart weapon in the US since the Armatix briefly went on sale in 2014.

Two other American companies, LodeStar Works and Free State Firearms, are also working to launch a smart weapon.

Then the twins can use each other’s weapon, which means that this technology is not that safe. When do you think weapons that can read DNA start to be produced? – Ece

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