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Russian Army Decapitated Old Woman! Images Are Freezing Blood!

In the images published by Ukrainian Deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko, a new one has been added to the massacres in the Ukrainian city of Bucha. In the moments that Goncharenko himself recorded, it was determined that the Russian army cut off the head of an old woman. While the old woman’s body was found inside her car, the location of her head has yet to be determined.

As Russia enters the 40th day of its occupation of Ukraine, the military operation, which started with the order of President Vladimir Putin, continues with all its violence. While the Ukrainian army and the civilian population continue their resistance against the occupation, the Russian army continues its attacks. On the other hand, a new massacre was added to the massacres carried out by the Russian army in the city of Bucha, where the Ukrainian army regained control.


Ukrainian Deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko revealed the horror in the region in his post on his Twitter account. In the footage recorded by him personally, there were images of a woman with only her body in a car. Goncharenko said, “Russian forces attacked these people. You can see the body of the old woman in the car. She has no head and we do not know where. We found her granddaughter in the car injured, but she is in good condition.”


Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Ceppa also announced on Twitter that the bodies of 6 civilians, 2 women and 4 men, whose hands were tied behind their backs and were shot in the head, were found in the Motijin village of Bucha. Photos showing that civilians were killed and buried in mass graves in Bucha and thrown into wells were also shared on social networking sites.

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