Pornography Warning From Pope!

Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of Catholics, has warned students, priests and nuns studying theology in the Catholic Church against dangerous content on the Internet, especially digital pornography.

Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of the Catholics, answered questions about the use of digital and social media at the receptions of students, priests and nuns studying theology in the Catholic Church.

“There is such a thing as DIGITAL PORNOGRAPHY”

The spiritual leader of the Catholics stated that he is not a person of this digital world and even returned a phone he received as a gift at that time, adding, “This is not my world, but you should use it carefully. It should be used for charity. That’s okay. But it’s also good.” You know, digital pornography. there is something. Unfortunately this is a flaw that many people have, including priests, nuns, clergy. It weakens the spirit. The devil enters from there. It weakens the hearts of priests. Be careful, my dear brothers.” The Pope also drew attention to the need not to waste too much time in the world of digital and social media.


Church doctrine sees pornography as a crime against morality.

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