One of the alien fossils in Mexico is pregnant!

One of the alien fossils in Mexico is pregnant!

In a special session of the Mexican Congress, a new claim is being made every day about two beings who are claimed to be a thousand years old and ‘not human’. Researchers who examined the fossils on live TV have now suggested that one of the aliens is pregnant.

In recent days, a claim that will be talked about again about the lifeless bodies of two beings alleged to be aliens has been thrown into the middle. According to researchers, one of the beings is pregnant.


Mexican journalist and UFO researcher Jaime Maussan exhibited the remains of two beings found in a mine in Cusco, Peru, which he claimed were “not human” at a special session held in recent weeks. Maussan stated that the fossilized bodies he presented in a glass case were a thousand years old.

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The thousand-year-old remains of alleged aliens, which have not convinced the scientific world, continue to be analyzed. Maussan and his team insist that the findings are not a body made up of different parts, but a ‘complete organic being’.

alien fossils


Maussan and his team, who broadcast live on Youtube the scans carried out by the technicians and scientists working on the project at the Noor Clinic in Huixquilucan, Mexico, made controversial statements again. The team, who showed the X-rays of the remains at the congress and said that they found an ‘egg’ inside one of the lifeless bodies, claimed that the creature they claimed to be ‘extraterrestrial’ was pregnant when it died after their scans.

One of the alien fossils in Mexico is pregnant!

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