New Updates Coming to PUBG: Players Will Experience New Experiences!

PUBG's 2024 content has been announced. Destructible Environments, transition to Unreal Engine 5 and more will be offered to players. here are the details!

Over the next year, PUBG will be updated with a number of new features.

The Battle Royale, which launched six years ago but is still one of the most played games on PC via Steam, will be updated with a number of features. These include destructible environments, a switch to Unreal Engine 5, and user-created content.

The game’s developer Krafton also hinted at new collaborations. He promised to make improvements in matchmaking and to prevent increased cheating.

Upcoming Updates to PUBG

In terms of destructible environments, Krafton said that players will be able to strategically destroy certain parts of buildings or build defensive barriers. This creates the opportunity to open up new attack routes or secure areas. Destructible environments are expected to add a dynamic new layer to the game’s strategy and tactics.

Krafton also plans to roll out in-game weaponization updates every two months to develop a stable ecosystem and give players a wider range of options. Players will be able to test weapons in Arcade’s Weapon Handling Labs before their official launch.

Krafton is also developing survival-oriented items and modes for a calmer gameplay experience. This shows that the developer is keen to expand the game’s audience. The move to Unreal Engine 5 marks, in Krafton’s words, “the beginning of an exciting journey”.

User-generated content is thought to give PUBG a Fortnite feel. What’s different, Krafton adds, is “allowing players to create and interact with their own content and developing a vibrant, creator-driven ecosystem.”

While the console and PC version of PUBG is far from its early peak, it’s still hugely popular. It’s still a game with hundreds of thousands of players on Steam.

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