New Regulation on Zero Car Sales: Electronic Tracking System is Coming!

New Regulation on Zero Car Sales: Electronic Tracking System is Coming!

The Ministry of Commerce is introducing a new regulation in order to solve many problems experienced in zero car sales. Here are the details!

The Ministry of Trade is launching a new regulatory process to address the stockpiling and price problems frequently experienced in the automotive sector.

The main purpose of this new system will be to monitor the availability of new vehicles and address the problem faced by consumers who have difficulty finding vehicles at dealerships. The Ministry plans to establish an electronic system similar to the product tracking system in the health sector to monitor the stock status of vehicles.

Zero Car Sales

Stock Status to be Controlled by Electronic Tracking System

Within the scope of this system, vehicles will be monitored from the moment they are imported or produced until they reach the customers. In this way, dealers will be prevented from stocking vehicles and the market will be stabilised. In addition, the second-hand market will also be subject to new controls and sites selling vehicles will be regulated.

In order to ensure transparency in the advertisements, the real name, surname and contact information of the sellers will be required instead of vague expressions such as ‘for sale from Mr Ahmet’ or ‘for sale from Mr Mehmet’. Including false information in the advertisements will be subject to penalties.

The electronic tracking system will cover all imported vehicles from the moment they enter Turkey and domestic production vehicles from the moment they leave the factory. In this way, processes such as delivery to dealers and customers can be monitored digitally and vehicle stocks can be managed effectively.

So what do you think about the new regulations to be introduced? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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