Murat Pasa Mosque

Murat Pasa Mosque

Because it is the oldest settlement in the city, the history of Muratpasa is also the history of Antalya. Muratpasa takes its name from Karaman Bey Murat Pasa, who gave its name to Murat Pasa Mosque, whose construction date was 1570. Antalya Murat Pasa Mosque, which is one of the most important touristic centers of the tourism capital Antalya, is located within the borders of Muratpasa district. On days when you enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun in your Antalya holiday, there are many places to see, such as the Murat Pasa Mosque.

Murat Pasa Mosque is located in the center of Antalya within the boundaries of Muratpasa district. Although the mosque was built in 1570 in the Ottoman period, the traces of Seljuk calligraphy art can be found in the mosque. The use of spolia, which is seen in many Turkish-Islamic works in Anatolia, was also used in the construction of the mosque. Especially the columns behind the narthex and their capitals made according to the Corinthian order are the most distinctive spolia materials in the architectural work. The discovery of two Murat Pasa associated with Antalya during this period of Ottoman history created confusion about the person who built the mosque. Based on Evliya Celebi’s Seyahatname for many years, although the mosque was referred to as the Kuyucu Murat Pasa Mosque for many years, the data obtained in recent years showed that the mosque was not built by Kuyucu Murat Pasa, who was the grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire during this period and was known for his oppressive rule. It was revealed that Karaman Bey Murat Pasa had it built. Antalya The mosque body wall is completely made of cut stones. Inside, a handcrafted inscription frieze runs through the upper parts of these walls. Tromp interiors, spaces and dome are completely decorated with light colored floral motifs on a dark background. It was repaired in 1960.


If you prefer to use bus, You can use these bus lines to reach Murat Pasa Mosque; 600, CV14, KC06, KC35, KC35A, MD25, ML22, VF01, VS18


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