MIT Technology Review: Bayraktar TB2 Breakthrough

Bayraktar TB2, which has been criticized by the opposition, especially by Ali Babacan, continues to be on the agenda in the world.

UAV/SİHA production has strengthened Turkey’s defense industry.

The technology, which has been successful in critical regions such as Nagorno-Karabakh, Syria and Libya, has been sold to 28 countries so far.

Those who were disturbed by the UAVs, which became the nightmare of terrorists, started to show themselves.

“Sorry We Will Touch”

Especially DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan said, “This project has been made such that ‘This is very sacred, it is untouchable, we will destroy anyone who touches it’ or something. Sorry, we will of course touch it.” His words got a huge reaction.

What the opposition could not do was the American technology giant MIT Technology Review.

Breakthrough Technology

UAVs, produced with domestic and national resources, were shown among the 10 groundbreaking technologies of 2023.

In the comparison, where Bayraktar TB2 is praised, it is emphasized that it is much more useful than American and Israeli-made products:
“Military drones were once out of reach for small countries due to their expense and strict export controls. But advances in consumer components and communications technology have helped drone manufacturers build complex war machines at much lower prices. The Turkish Bayraktar TB2 and other inexpensive drones, changed the nature of drone warfare.”

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