Kizilay Square

Kizilay Square

Kızılay Square is one of the most important symbols for both Ankara and Turkey. Turkey’s capital is Ankara’s center. It takes its name from the Kizilay institution.  With the 1930s, Kizilay , where ministry buildings were placed one after another, began to stand out as a bureaucratic and political center.

Kizilay Square, which carries the traces of the Republic, offers modern life experiences to new Ankara residents with Ataturk Boulevard and Guvenpark. Turkey’s first skyscraper known as Turkey’s first skyscraper built in 1959 Flat Labor, the splendor of the building gives both a challenge and a different image to Ankara. A political and commercial center After 1960, with the construction of the new Parliament building, Kizilay has become the center of politics. When cinemas and bookstores accompany the new residential areas around the ministries, the region also becomes a cultural center.

In 2016, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council changed the name of Kızılay Square to “15 July Kızılay National Will Square”.


The heart of Ankara, Kizilay Square, is perhaps no longer the center of politics, bureaucracy and cultural life. There is also a shopping center where the Kizilay building is located. However, the Kizilay is still in the middle of Ankara, still at the center of the transportation network and therefore continues to be an important center.


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