It Turned Out That A Turkish Citizen Bought The Most Expensive House In Dubai!

According to the statements made, it turned out that the person who bought the most expensive house in Dubai in 2023 was a Turkish citizen. Here are the details!

The high increase in housing prices in Turkey is causing real estate investors to turn to foreign markets. According to recent statements, Turks generally prefer to buy houses in Dubai, Macedonia, London, Germany, Kosovo and the USA.

International Real Estate Expert Şerif Nadi Varlı, while making a statement on the subject, stated that a Turkish citizen bought the most expensive house in Dubai.

The Most Expensive House in Dubai Belongs to a Turk

Real estate investors have prioritized investing in housing abroad due to the high price increase in Turkey. Investors started to make their investments in different countries, which are almost the same price as in Turkey.

In Dubai, one of the countries where the most investments are made, the most expensive house sale in 2023 was recorded as 130 million dollars. Moreover, it turned out that the person who bought this house was a Turkish citizen.

According to the news on the Cemiyet Sosyete website, Turks generally started to buy apartments in Macedonia, Kosovo, London, Germany and the USA. In 2023, it was stated that 120 thousand Turkish citizens bought houses from these countries.

Şerif Nadi Varlı also made the following statements on the subject:

“Dubai was the most important destination where Turks invested. In 2023, for the first time in Dubai lists, Turkish investors were among the top 10 real estate investing nations. The most expensive housing sale in Dubai in 2023 was made to a Turk with 130 million dollars. As Vartur, we became the most important Turkish partnered real estate office in 2023. With our team of 25 people, we see the intense demand of Turkish customers. While Turks were buying real estate abroad for 130 million dollars a year 10 years ago, they spent it in 1 month with a purchase of 133 million dollars in January 2024. It also gives an important signal about the increase in interest.”

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