Istanbul To Antalya Will Be Reduced To 4 Hours 45 Minutes

The high-speed train project between Istanbul and Antalya will reduce the distance between the two cities to 4 hours and 45 minutes.

Another great service to Turkey has been rolled up its sleeves.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure gave the good news of the high speed train line project between Istanbul and Antalya.

According to the statement made, it will be possible to reach Antalya from Istanbul by high-speed train with a length of 714 kilometers and from Istanbul to Antalya in 4 hours and 45 minutes. This is the existing line between Istanbul and Eskişehir. And it will go from Eskişehir to Antalya through Kütahya, Afyonkarahisar, Isparta and Burdur. These lines will be integrated with each other.

Super-fast Train Between Ankara And Istanbul

Information was also given about the ‘super-fast train’ project between Ankara and Istanbul:

We will realize the super high-speed train project on the Ankara-Istanbul line. Ankara-Istanbul will be reduced to 80 minutes. It will travel 350 kilometers per hour. The existing high-speed train line will continue with its current structure. We will make the tender for the super high-speed train line this year.

“Trabzon To Ankara Will Be Reduced To 4.5 Hours”

We will also realize the high-speed train project from Samsun to Sarp. The Black Sea will meet with the railroad throughout. When this 513-kilometer-long project is completed, Trabzon-Sarp will take 70 minutes, Trabzon-Samsun will take 2 hours and Trabzon-Ankara will take 4.5 hours.

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