Israel Attacked Gaza With 4,000 Tons Of Explosives In 1 Month

In Gaza, the Israeli army completely demolished 17 government centers, 2 schools and universities, and partially demolished 9 schools, following the ICJ's interim injunctions. The Israeli army used 4 thousand tons of explosives in its attacks on Gaza in the last month.

The government’s Media Office in Gaza issued a statement on the crimes committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip since January 26, when the ICJ, the main judicial body of the United Nations (UN), issued a number of precautionary measures, including the prevention of genocidal crimes in Gaza.

It was stated that the Israeli army committed 375 massacres in the Gaza Strip in 30 days, killing 3,525 Palestinians and injuring 5,246.

It was emphasized that 1720 of the Palestinians who lost their lives were children and 1130 were women.

Israel attacked Gaza with 4,000 tons of explosives in 1 month

It was underlined that the Israeli army attacked the Gaza Strip with 4,000 tons of explosives in the last month since the ICJ’s injunctions.

It was stated that Israeli forces have killed 1 health worker, 2 civil defense officers and 12 journalists since January 26.

In the statement, 11 thousand patients are waiting for treatment outside Gaza and 10 thousand cancer patients are in danger of death.

It was reported that the number of displaced people in the Gaza Strip, which has a population of 2.3 million, has reached 2 million due to Israeli attacks and that these people are struggling to survive under very difficult conditions.

It was stated that after the ICJ’s interim injunctions in Gaza, the Israeli army completely destroyed 17 government centers, 2 schools and universities, and partially destroyed 9 schools.

In the same period, it was stated that 39 houses were destroyed in the Gaza Strip during the Israeli attacks and 143 damaged houses were not suitable for residence.

It was announced that Israel destroyed 47 mosques and partially destroyed 25 mosques.

In Gaza, where the health system faces serious problems, it was stated that Israel took 1 hospital out of service, targeted 2 health institutions and rendered 2 ambulances unusable.

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