Is China Getting Over Its Game Addiction?

Is China Getting Over Its Game Addiction?

Chinese authorities announced that they have “officially solved” the problem of game addiction, especially among young people, with drastic measures. Last year, teenagers under the age of 18 were banned from watching video games for more than three hours a week in China.

In the new report published by the China Game Industry Committee, it was stated that about 75 percent of the youth comply with the time limit and their health status is positively affected by this.

Authorities announced that they have “officially solved” the problem of young people’s game addiction with radical measures.

The China Gaming Industry Committee defines gaming addiction as a “spiritual opiate”.

There is a lot of research that gives different results about the effect of video games especially on children.

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Some studies conducted in China suggested that video games cause various health problems such as visual impairment and attention deficit.

However, studies conducted in other countries on the subject point out that video games can improve children’s cognitive skills.

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The strict quarantine measures implemented in China, especially in line with the “zero COVID” policy, caused an increase in the time spent in front of video games.

Government officials took very drastic measures against this, limiting teenage playtime to three hours a week.

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The law passed last year stated that games would only be allowed three days a week. By law, children under the age of 18 are only allowed to play video games between 20:00 and 21:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Authorities also set up a complaints hotline to monitor service providers’ compliance.

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In 2020, the revenue of the gaming industry in China increased by more than 20 percent, reaching 278 billion yuan (approximately 722 billion TL).

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