Irem Derici declared her love with Gökhan Fırat

Irem Derici declared her love with Gökhan Fırat

Irem Derici, who parted ways with Atakan Işıktutan, set sail for a new love. The famous singer shared a photo with Gökhan Fırat on his social media account.

Famous singer İrem Derici, who decided to break up with former Survivor contestant Atakan Işıktutan, came to the agenda with his new relationship.

The singer, who recently shared a photo of her hand in hand with photographer and director Gökhan Fırat on her social media account, posed in a mirror pose with her new lover.

Irem Derici

The singer wrote the note “And there are those who get irritable when they miss” on his post.

Irem Derici

Derici announced on her social media account that she and Atakan Işıktutan, with whom she had been together for 8 months, broke up.

Irem Derici

Derici said, “The news started to enter, let’s talk from the beginning so that no one gets into conspiracy theories. For 8 months we had a wonderful 8 months with Atakan, he is still the most precious person in the world for me. But we are working at a terribly busy pace and we are tired. We couldn’t spare time for each other. We thought it would be logical to break up, not to wear each other out and not to break even more afterwards. Thank you so much for giving me a love I have never experienced, remember that I am the first person you will call in good times and bad, the most gentlemanly man I know.”

Irem Derici

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