Internal Turmoil in Iran: 2 Policemen Killed

According to the news of Iran’s official agency IRNA, two policemen were killed in the clash between gunmen and security forces during the demonstrations in the city of Bukan in West Azerbaijan province last night.

During the protests in the city of Bukan in northwest Iran, it was reported that 2 security guards were killed in “conflict with armed people”.

According to the news of Iranian official agency IRNA, clashes broke out between armed people and security forces during the demonstrations in the city of Bukan in West Azerbaijan province last night.


IRNA reported that a colonel was shot and killed by “unidentified rebels” during the previous day’s demonstrations in Bukan.


The death of 22-year-old Mahsa Emini, who fell into a coma and was hospitalized on September 13 in Tehran after being detained by the Irshad patrols, known as the “morality police,” on the grounds that she “did not comply with the headscarf rules”, died on September 16, sparking protests against the country’s government.

Although there are statements from official sources that civilians and security forces died in the incidents, there is no clear information about the number of deaths.

Norway-based Iranian Human Rights Organization, on the other hand, announced the previous day that 342 people died in the demonstrations. According to the news reflected in the Iranian media, more than 50 security guards lost their lives during the demonstrations.

Finally, it was announced that 3 security guards, one of which was a lieutenant colonel, died as a result of a knife attack during the demonstrations in the cities of Mashhad and Senendec last night.

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