Image Of Israeli Mia Shem Captured In Palestine Released

Shem, who was captured by Palestinian forces while having fun at the party, shared moments of his treatment. Shem spoke about the treatment against him and said he wanted to be reunited with his family.

On October 7, a young Israeli girl who was having fun at a music festival in Sderot was taken prisoner in a Palestinian raid.

Images of Mia Shem, who was taken to Palestine, were shared on social media.

“I was brought here from Sderot”

Israeli Shem, who also has French citizenship, is seen having his arm wrapped by a person identified as a doctor.

Speaking to the camera, Shem, 21, said, “I’m from Shoham, I’m in Gaza now. I was brought here from Sderot early Saturday morning.”

“They are taking good care of me, everything is fine”

Shem said that he was seriously injured in his hand at the party and continued his speech as follows

I was operated on for 3 hours in the hospital in Gaza. They take good care of me. They give me medicine. Everything is fine.

I want to go to my mom, dad and brothers and sisters as soon as possible. Please get me out of here as soon as possible.

Israel Demands Release Of Prisoners

The Israeli in question is one of the 200 captured and his footage has been released for the first time. Tel Aviv is demanding the release of Israeli citizens held captive in Gaza.

Hamas spokesman Abu Ubaidah described the foreign hostages as “guests” and said they would protect them.

Mia’s mom: She never came back

On the other hand, Mia’s mother, Karen Shem, told Israeli media outlet Ynet days before her daughter’s footage was released that she was pained by the situation because she did not know her daughter’s fate:

My daughter went to the party and never came back. The only thing I know for sure is that she sent a message to one of the people in charge of the party where they were shot at 07.17 last week, saying that they would come to rescue them.

I am hopeful, I try to think positive, I know my daughter has a fighting spirit, but unfortunately so many days have passed. It is difficult.

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