Horses Married in Turkey!

As in Turkish culture, a henna night and then a wedding were held for horses in a riding club in Turkey.

A wedding was held in an equestrian club in Kocaeli’s Darıca district, which left the mouths of those who saw it.

A henna night was held for the club’s female horses ‘Rapunzel‘ and male horses ‘Miltekin‘.

She Even Had A Veil

Later on, the two horses combined their lives with a drum and zurna wedding. At the wedding, Rapunzel wore a veil and Miltekin wore a bow tie.

When both horses were brought, drums and horns were played, and the participants danced halay with the horses.

Gift Ceremony

After the bride’s veil was opened, the jewelry ceremony began. The most pleasing gift for the horses was a bale of hay. The wedding, which did not look for the truth, was the scene of colorful images.

“Our Aim Was to Have Fun”

Saying that the purpose of organizing such an organization is to increase people’s curiosity and interest in horses, the head of the equestrian club Metin Tastepe said, “We decided to make such a humor. It was a video we shot for this purpose. It also gained a lot of views on social media. It was really nice, it was fun. Our goal was to have fun and entertain.”

“She Becomes Demanding And Chooses the Husband”

“We realize that we have caught that too. Like us humans, horses have different personalities. Today, while we have these feelings, horses can have the same feelings. A mare becomes demanding during the mating season and chooses the husband. He does not mate with every stallion. Our female horse has to demand it too, then she has to like the male horse so that she needs to be demanding in the mating part.”

“If I’m Happy, All of Happy Too”

Emphasizing that the emotions of horses are shaped according to the emotions of their riders, Taştepe said, “Equestrian is a sport where two souls and two bodies come together. Today, when I approach this horse in an angry way, this horse also gets angry. If I am happy and peaceful, the horse is also happy and peaceful. If I’m excited, the horse is excited too.”

“Like a Horse Owner”

“Whatever my mood is today, the horse I ride or own or be with has the same spirit, it becomes the same spirit. Our female horse is Rapunzel. Rapunzel is a 2-year-old mare, Ahal. It can be seen from the fact that she is blonde and her hair structure. Our stallion Miltekin is also 14 years old. He is a very experienced stallion.”

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