Heavy Rain Causes Flooding In Antalya

Due to heavy rainfall in Antalya, education was suspended for a day in Aksu, Döşemealtı, Kepez, Konyaaltı and Muratpaşa districts. Kepez, one of the central districts, received 304.9 kilograms of rainfall per square meter.

The downpour that started to be effective in the city center in the evening increased its intensity at night. Water puddles formed on the roads due to heavy rainfall. Citizens and vehicles had difficulty moving on the roads.

Houses and workplaces were flooded in some neighborhoods in rural areas.

Puddles formed in some underpasses in the city center. Transportation was disrupted in some areas due to rainfall.

Education Suspended In 5 Districts

In a written statement made by the Antalya Governorate, it was stated that adverse weather conditions continue in the city.

In the statement, “Due to the ongoing adverse weather conditions, flooding and flooding in our province, education has been suspended for 1 day on Tuesday, 13.02.2024 in our educational institutions in our 5 central districts Aksu, Döşemealtı, Kepez, Konyaaltı, Muratpaşa in accordance with the Hygiene decision. In addition, due to adverse weather conditions, disabled, pregnant and chronically ill personnel working in public institutions in our 5 central districts will be considered administrative leave for 1 day.”

In Kepez, 304.9 Kilograms Of Precipitation Fell Per Square Meter

According to the data of the 4th Regional Directorate of Meteorology, 304.9, 233.9, 129.2, 106.9, 106.9 and 80.2 kilograms of precipitation per square meter fell in Kepez, Muratpaşa, Konyaaltı, Serik and Kemer, respectively, in 24 hours.

It was reported that the average rainfall for many years in February was 112.7 kilograms and the maximum rainfall was 427.6 kilograms in 2009.

It was noted that the precipitation is expected to be effective in the form of intermittent thunderstorms until midnight.

Governor Of Antalya: We Intervene Quickly

Antalya Governor Hulusi Şahin made statements regarding the flood disaster that has been effective since last night.

Governor Şahin made the following statements after his investigations:

There were floods and overflows in our central districts, especially in Kepez and Muratpaşa districts, with heavy rain that started yesterday and hail in some places. It continues throughout the day. As you can see right now, there were blockages in some old stream beds. There were disruptions in our roads, intersections and underpasses caused by serious water accumulations. We are currently experiencing traffic disruptions. We received around 1500 112 notifications, mostly in the form of flooding of homes and workplaces. We cannot provide service in our public institutions in Muratpaşa district population directorate due to flooding. Our schools are on vacation. We say get well soon to the people of Antalya. It was a difficult night. We are responding quickly. Our teams are on the field. Our friends are working. On the one hand, damage assessment works are being carried out. We will complete the necessary work as soon as possible for life to return to normal, he said.

After the inspection in the region, Şahin made a statement at Kepez State Hospital and said, `We are currently at Kepez State Hospital. There is a problem in our hospital caused by back pressure in the drains. There is no problem other than that. Polyclinics are working. Emergency and intensive care are actively working. We are getting support from other hospitals to solve the shortcomings,” he said.

Stranded People Are Being Evacuated

Due to flooding at Tonguç Underpass and Opera Junction, around 30 vehicles were left on the road, some of which were taken to the roadside with the help of construction equipment and tow trucks. Many vehicles dragged in the water were damaged.

Service driver İbrahim Baykuşlar, whose vehicle was stuck in the water, said that he was carrying workers to a hotel and got stuck in the water due to rainfall.

Stating that they called the fire department for help, Baykuşlar said, “Workers cannot get out of the vehicle. We have been in the water for 4 hours. This place is always like this, they should at least take a precaution. They should close it to vehicle traffic. Many vehicles are stuck on the road.”

In Güneş Neighborhood, apartments on the ground floor of some housing complexes were flooded. Those trapped in their homes were evacuated by teams with boats.

Nasuh Çağıl, whose workplace was flooded, stated that they called the fire brigade but no one came and said, “I have two shops, all of them were flooded, people could not go to work and were stuck in their vehicles.”

Barış Samuray, whose house was flooded, said that there was water about one meter high in his house and all his belongings were damaged.

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