“Drunk without drinking” The disease was seen for the first time in Turkey!

“Drunk without drinking” The disease was seen for the first time in Turkey!

Known as ‘Auto-Brewery Syndrome’ in the medical literature, the case that causes carbohydrate and sugary foods to turn into alcohol in the body was seen for the first time in Giresun, Turkey. After consuming carbohydrates and sugary foods, the patient, who lives the expression “getting drunk without drinking” in his life and walks around like a drunk but does not realize it himself, starts a new life after his treatment.

Giresun University Faculty of Medicine Training and Research Hospital Medical Microbiology Specialist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emel Uzunoğlu, who gave information about ‘Auto-Brewery Syndrome’, which is seen for the first time in our country in the medical literature, said that the disease can actually be seen everywhere, but the disease cannot be diagnosed because it is not known.

Stating that the symptoms show themselves according to the level of alcohol in the body after the carbohydrate and sugary foods taken, Uzunoğlu said, “Auto-Brewery Syndrome, that is, the body produces alcohol on its own. Although patients never drink alcohol, their blood alcohol levels rise to very high levels shortly after a meal. The reason for this is the microorganisms in their bodies. It is not a well-known disease in the world and ours is the first case in our country. We think that the disease is so little talked about because it is not known. However, if it were known, there would be many more witnesses. Treatment seems possible, at least we can control it. This disease can occur in diabetics, unconscious use of antibiotics, after previous intestinal operations. It is a disease that occurs as a result of a balance problem in the intestine, that is, a change in the balance of microorganisms in the intestine. When this balance in the intestine is maintained, the patient’s attacks can be prolonged and controlled.”

“Drunk without drinking” The disease was seen for the first time in Turkey!


Noting that the treatment methods for the patient seen for the first time in our country gave results, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emel Uzunoğlu said, “It is seen that our patient has symptoms after sugary foods. Because microorganisms take sugar, ferment it and turn it into alcohol. However, we have also seen that spices sometimes trigger the attack. Without using antibiotics, we controlled the attacks with probiotics, nutrition, some auxiliary drugs, some drugs that will remove alcohol or intermediate molecules from the environment. Our patient is now returning home, but we will continue to follow up.”

Drunk without drinking

Giving information about the symptoms of the disease, which is seen for the first time in our country, including European countries, Internal Diseases Dr. Lecturer. Prof. Dr. Kubilay İşsever said, “It is the first case in the country as far as the literature notifies us. There are cases reported from the USA and Canada. There is no case reported yet even from European countries. In fact, we think that it can be seen everywhere, but the disease is not diagnosed because it is not recognized. This disease needs to be identified so that it can be diagnosed and we can understand how often the disease occurs. In fact, despite not drinking alcohol, symptoms occur in alcohol poisoning, as in alcohol coma, depending on the level of alcohol in the body. There are all the symptoms of alcohol poisoning such as nausea and vomiting, but there may also be confusion, drowsiness, personality disorder and character changes. Our patient had similar symptoms in various severities until today. Although a person claims that he/she does not drink alcohol, if there are cases in which alcohol is detected in his/her blood or alcohol is smelled in his/her breath, these patients should be evaluated in terms of auto-brewery.”

Drunk without drinking


Verda Güniz Atış Azrak (58), who talked about the disease process she went through and noted that she feels better now, said: “The symptoms started about 3 years ago. It is not a condition that is suddenly recognized. Especially not the person himself/herself, but the people around you realize this condition. There is loss of consciousness in some periods. If I need to express it based on the examples I have experienced, you think, you bump into someone, your face, your head gets injured, you even get stitches, but you don’t remember how it happened. This is a big shot after carbohydrate and sugary foods. I am not normally a carbohydrate and sugary food eater, but when you have an attack you want to eat more of these foods. You are not aware of anything, but those around you notice it. I am fine after the treatment process, there is not the slightest symptom or loss of consciousness. I feel very good.”

Drunk without drinking

Sami Azrak (60), who stated that a new life started for them after his wife’s health problems, said that they had been looking for a cure for a long time, but they found the treatment in Giresun. Sami Azrak said, “We have been suffering from this ailment of my wife for nearly 3 years. We traveled to many hospitals and doctors for treatment. They were all interested, but it was fortunate to be treated in Giresun. During these attacks, there is a change in her gaze at first. He does not look clearly, he looks hazy and pensive. He is medically alcoholic, but his appearance is much different. Let’s not think that he reacts the way a drunk person reacts, it is much different. He can be obsessive, angry, stubborn, in other words, he can react very differently. He may not be logical, there is a lot of character change. We had a very troublesome process, thank God we solved it thanks to our doctors. From now on, we will follow our diet and follow their advice. I think a new life is waiting for us now.”

“Drunk without drinking” The disease was seen for the first time in Turkey!

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