Big Update For Togg!

Togg 1.4.0 update is now available. Details such as facial recognition login, new themes, headlights and screen off in accessory mode are noteworthy.

Togg, which works more like a computer than a standard automobile, offers important innovations with its latest update. It has been revealed that the Togg 1.4.0 update will offer features such as facial recognition login, new themes, headlights and screen off in accessory mode.

What does the Togg 1.4.0 update bring?

The biggest focus of the update for the domestic car was the face recognition feature. There will no longer be a need to enter a password when getting into the car. Cameras will automatically log in by recognizing the user’s face.

Another innovation was the diversification of theme options. Different color themes such as gray, blue, green, black were offered. Thus, the driver will be able to personalize the theme according to his/her wishes. This means that it will offer a more customized design in the vehicle.

Another important change is the addition of the option to turn off the headlights and display in accessory mode. Thus, the headlights can be turned off without starting the vehicle. This will provide both practicality and efficiency in the user experience.

On the other hand, the Electronic Stability Control (EDS) feature can also be turned off optionally. Some visual improvements are also on the way. The fonts, buttons and menus on the screen will undergo some minor design improvements.

In terms of performance and user experience, it was stated that transitions have become smoother. The screen will also look more vivid and clear.

The 1.4.0 update is currently being tested among various Togg users

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