Azerbaijan Turns To Kaan Instead Of Russian Planes

Azerbaijan does not want to procure Russian fighter jets. The plan to procure modern fighter jets from Turkey was mentioned and it was emphasized that this was a 'win-win' solution for Ankara and Baku.

The National Combat Aircraft KAAN, which successfully made its first flight and made a name for itself, has entered Azerbaijan’s radar.

It is rumored that the Azerbaijani Air Force, which has fighter jets from Russia in its inventory, is turning towards the KAAN produced in Turkey.

The Baku administration signed a cooperation protocol with Ankara last year for the joint production and development of the aircraft in question.

Azerbaijan Rejects Russian Planes

Azerbaijan has “rejected Moscow’s newest fighter jets,” US-based Business Insider reported.

Azerbaijan’s biggest arms supplier is Russia, but the country is “likely to source jets elsewhere.”

Turkey To Buy Modern Fighter Jets

The news report included the following notes on the subject:

Azerbaijan has big plans to upgrade its fleet of fighter jets over the next 10 years.

But Baku is likely to buy modern fighter jets from Turkey, rather than turning to Russia, its traditional arms supplier for decades.

Participated in the KAAN fighter jet program

Noting that Azerbaijan officially joined Turkey’s KAAN fifth-generation fighter jet program last July, the first flight of the aircraft took place in February.

It underlined that Baku’s participation in the KAAN project is “first and foremost a natural outcome of the long-standing and growing security partnership between Ankara and Baku.”

A ‘win-win’ solution for Turkey and Azerbaijan

“It looks like a win-win solution for both countries,” the article said:

This choice allows for a long-term and solid cooperation with a close ally that ensures the sustainability of the Baku air force in terms of logistics, training, maintenance, etc.

It will also provide Turkey with a long-term contract and customer in the defense sector.

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