Aselsan Produced It! The DERINGOZSs Of The Seas Are Ready For Duty

Diving tests of DERİNGÖZ, Turkey's first autonomous underwater vehicle developed by ASELSAN, have been successfully completed.

The first diving system tests of ASELSAN’s modular DERİNGÖZ, which has autonomous mobility and can be used for both military and civilian purposes underwater, were successfully carried out.

DERİNGÖZ autonomous underwater vehicle draws attention with its features.

Equipped with special infrastructures

The underwater vehicle is equipped with features such as high maneuverability, precision navigation capability, customizable mission payloads, optical and sonar imaging technologies, and wireless communication infrastructure.

Turkey’s first autonomous underwater vehicle, DERİNGÖZ can be used effectively in many areas such as underwater research, reconnaissance and surveillance, mine detection, pipeline inspection, port and base protection.

A tool that creates a need

The underwater vehicle, developed by ASELSAN engineers, is planned to be a vehicle that not only meets the needs for underwater operations, but also creates them.

With these features, DERİNGÖZ is expected to play a critical role in underwater operations.

Draws attention with its modular system architecture

Capable of operating at a depth of 600 meters, DERİNGÖZ stands out with its modular system architecture.

The underwater vehicle, which has wireless communication capability, has payload configurations that can be increased according to need.

With a maximum speed of 5.5 knots and a scanning speed of 3 knots, DERİNGÖZ is expected to create a force multiplier for Turkey in the seas.

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