Apple GPT introduced

Apple GPT, the tech giant’s ChatGPT-like artificial intelligence chatbot, is already being used across the company. Apple GPT is currently helping employees at Apple.

Last week, we talked about Apple developing its own artificial intelligence. An artificial intelligence chatbot that works like ChatGPT, dubbed Apple GPT, has been used by the company’s employees for some time to prototype future features, summarize texts, and answer questions based on the data it’s trained on, according to new information.

Apple uses its artificial intelligence internally

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple states that its chatbot, called GPT, has been tested internally as Apple seeks to expand its use of productive AI in-house. Gurman also states that Apple can use this tool to assist with customer service. Therefore, AppleCare support personnel can use Apple GPT effectively in the future.

The tendency for chatbots to get things wrong is well known to Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook. In May, Cook pointed out the shortcomings when it comes to artificial intelligence, stating that there are “a number of problems that need to be resolved”. On the other hand, compared to Apple, Microsoft and Google have made very rapid strides in the field of productive artificial intelligence. However, the fact that Apple has not made any announcement does not show that it is not working on artificial intelligence. Some sources even state that Apple will make an “important announcement about artificial intelligence” next year.

The firm’s prudent approach can be considered reasonable. But Apple still needs to respond to other companies’ moves in the field of artificial intelligence. While Meta recently announced that Microsoft’s Azure platform will adopt Meta’s open-source LLaMA 2, Samsung continues to look for ways to incorporate artificial intelligence into its own devices.

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