70-year-old woman implanted with a pain pacemaker to get rid of her pain

Selime Oktay, a 70-year-old woman living in Bilecik, got rid of her long-lasting pain in her lower back thanks to the battery installed in Eskişehir City Hospital. Oktay stated that she regained her health thanks to the pain battery.

Selime Oktay, a 70-year-old woman living in Bilecik, got rid of her long-lasting pain in her lower back thanks to the battery installed in Eskişehir City Hospital.

Oktay, who applied to the hospital in Bilecik about 20 years ago after feeling pain in her waist, was diagnosed with spinal canal narrowing. Oktay was operated but his pain did not go away and a screw was placed in his waist.

Oktay, whose complaints of pain and numbness in his waist continued despite the treatment applied, came to Eskişehir and underwent surgery for the second time 6 years ago in another hospital. Oktay, whose surgical screw levels were increased here, underwent surgery for canal narrowing and hernia again.

Oktay, whose pain was not completely relieved despite two surgeries, used high doses of medications and patches applied to the pain area, which have the potential to cause serious side effects and addiction.

Despite all these processes, Oktay underwent a third surgery because his complaints continued, and when he could not find healing in this operation, he applied to Eskişehir City Hospital.

As a result of the examinations and examinations carried out by Eskişehir City Hospital Brain and Neurosurgery Specialist Operator Doctor Mehmet Beşir Sürme, it was decided to install a pain pacemaker (spinal cord stimulation), also known as “spinal cord pacemaker” among the public.

The pain pacemaker surgery, which is usually performed in private health institutions in a very costly way, was performed free of charge to Oktay by Sürme and his team after the decision of the board at the hospital.

Selime Oktay regained her health thanks to the pain pacemaker placed in her waist after 2 successful surgeries performed at intervals at Eskişehir City Hospital.

Selime Oktay, who got rid of her pain, told AA correspondent that she suffered a lot of pain due to her long-standing discomfort.

Stating that she had been operated 3 times before but did not benefit from these surgeries, Oktay said, “Our teacher Beşir called us. We came, he examined us. I had surgery 2 times in Eskişehir City Hospital. After that, I felt relieved. I am very good now.”

“I have no pain during the day and night”

Oktay, who said that his pain made it difficult for him in his daily life, said, “I am very well. I have no pain at night or during the day. A battery was inserted. A thousand thanks to God. I would like to thank Mr. Beşir very much. I recommend to those who have this problem like me. They should not stop, they should come.”

Neurosurgery Specialist Operator Doctor Mehmet Beşir Sürme said that the pain pacemaker is used in patients with back and leg pain and numbness despite having undergone medication, surgery and physical therapies.

Sürme stated that pain pacemaker surgery is a two-stage surgical intervention and continued his words as follows:

“Depending on the location of the patient’s complaints, but there is an electrode that we place on the spinal cord, which we often apply to the back region. After installing this electrode, we first install a temporary battery. This has a maximum test period of two weeks. During this period, we determine how much the patient’s complaints will improve with the currents we give after we insert the temporary battery. If the patient declares that there is more than 50 percent reduction in pain in this process, then we install the permanent battery, which is the second stage. These surgeries are completed in a period of approximately 2 hours in the first stage and half an hour or an hour in the second stage.”

“We aim for patients to completely get rid of their pain and enter a drug-free period”

Stating that they gave the patient a remote control after installing a permanent battery, Sürme gave the following information:
“We make various programming and settings on the remote control according to the location of the patient’s pain. We adjust the remote control by stimulating certain nerves according to the location of the pain, and we can increase or decrease its voltage values according to the severity of the pain. We aim for the patients to completely get rid of their pain and numbness and at the same time enter a drug-free period. After we provide this training, the patient’s relatives or the patient himself or herself can increase or decrease it themselves according to the severity of their pain level from the remote control.”

Stating that they observed that Oktay benefited after the pain pacemaker installed after his application, Sürme said, “We made battery programming by gradually decreasing the medications he used. Our patient is now at the first month control. Almost all of his pain is gone. We learned that his numbness has passed. We know that he can now sleep more comfortably at night.”

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