4-meter poisonous jellyfish spotted in Istanbul

4-meter poisonous jellyfish spotted in Istanbul

The compass jellyfish, whose population is increasing in the Marmara Sea, was photographed off Maltepe with its giant 4-meter specimen. The growing population of jellyfish, known to be venomous, threatens marine life. Isa Şahintürk, who is free diving under water, drew attention to the poisonous effect of jellyfish and stated that they should be cleaned quickly in contact.

Compass Jellyfish, which can be seen in the North Sea and the Mediterranean, have also started to be seen in the Marmara Sea and their populations have started to increase. These jellyfish, which are mostly found in Büyükçekmece Coastal regions, are known to be poisonous. Jellyfish, which can threaten sea creatures with the increase in their population, were photographed by diver İsa Şahintürk in Istanbul.

poisonous jellyfish


Diving off the coast of Maltepe, the diver recorded the image of a jellyfish up to 4 meters in length. With its transparent extensions, the 2-meter-long creature, which can be easily noticed in visuals, reaches 4 meters in length. In addition, warnings were given to avoid jellyfish in case of sighting.

poisonous jellyfish


Isa Şahintürk, who is free-diving underwater and examines the underwater life, said, “We have recently started to see a lot of poisonous jellyfish in the Sea of ​​Marmara. An increase in the species of poisonous jellyfish we normally see is observed. Jellyfish are normally 2 meters long, they have transparent extensions of 3-4 meters, so they swim on the beaches. all jellyfish contain some toxin. “It is seen in all regions of Turkey. You can even see the jellyfish that hit the Büyükçekmece coast at every step. Compass jellyfish are very poisonous, you should clean them quickly if they come into contact. Since there is an inland sea in Marmara, their population may increase due to pollution,” he said.

poisonous jellyfish

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