3 New Powers to the Navy

Within the scope of the National Ship Project (MİLGEM), 3 new frigates of stowage class were signed. The frigates, which will be built in 36 months at the same time in three different private shipyards, will be at the service of the navy.

Domestic and national moves continue in the defense industry. In this context, studies on Stacking class frigates, which were designed to be larger than Ada class MİLGEMs, gained momentum. Contracts for 3 frigates were signed yesterday at the Presidency of Defense Industries with the participation of SSB President İsmail Demir. In the project to be carried out jointly with STM-TAIS, each of the Anadolu, Sedef and Sefine shipyards will simultaneously construct an I class frigate every 36 months.


Stack class frigates, of which all sensors and weapon systems are developed locally, will also be equipped with national air defense capabilities. In addition, nationalization activities will continue in various components of the Head Gun, Helicopter Capture System and Main Propulsion System. National solutions such as close air defense system Gökdeniz, three-dimensional search radar Cenk-S, fire control radar Scorpion, illumination radar, torpedo tube, National Vertical Launch System MIDLAS, Hisar-D will take place on all fronts. three ships.


Stacking class frigates; It draws attention with its anti-submarine, surface and air defense warfare capabilities, execution of patrol activities, reconnaissance, surveillance, target detection, diagnosis, recognition and early warning features. Having a displacement of 3100 tons, a length of 113 meters and a width of 14.4 meters, the frigates also differ in their ability to have air defense guided projectiles.

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