2 New Foldable Phones May Come From Apple: Details Are Getting Clearer!

Apple has announced the release date of its highly anticipated first foldable smartphone. In addition, new details about the device continue to come. Here are the details!

Apple’s first foldable device is expected to launch in 2026, replacing the current iPad mini. While users are generally waiting for the release of a foldable iPhone, Apple’s strategy is thought to be to offer a foldable iPad first, followed by a foldable iPhone.

Allegedly, the preparation process of the iPhone Fold model may take another 2-3 years. Apple draws attention with its patent applications in different fields every year. In previous years, these applications included patents related to foldable screen and panel technologies.

Foldable Iphone Details Keep Coming

In particular, a patent filed in 2016 shows that Apple was working on a foldable iPhone concept almost 7 years ago. Over this period, Apple has filed several patents in an attempt to solve problems that arise with foldable display technologies.

Apple has developed a patent to prevent problems such as screen cracks and folding marks, especially in the Samsung Galaxy Z series. This new technology aims to make Apple’s future foldable screens more durable and aesthetic.

However, according to a new report, Apple’s foldable phone trials are experiencing some difficulties in terms of durability and screen. Due to these difficulties, as we mentioned above, it seems that we may see a foldable iPhone in 2026 at the earliest.

We know that Apple is working on a foldable phone, but according to new claims, there may be two different foldable models. For this, Apple allegedly applied to an unknown manufacturer.

As a result of all this, the source says, Apple will cancel the foldable phone project if it comes to a conclusion that it cannot meet expectations. These expectations are reportedly related to screen durability and the fold point of the screen.

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