Who is

Who is Mücahid Ahlatçı?

Personal Information:

First and Last Name: Op. Dr. Mücahid Ahlatçı
Age: 38
Date and Place of Birth: March 14, 1985, Adana, Turkey
Family Op. Dr. Mücahid Ahlatçı is the father of four children and has a warm bond with his family. His family has supported his medical career and played a big role in his success.


Undergraduate Education: Mücahid Ahlatçı started his medical career at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. He attracted attention with his diligence and curiosity during his university years.

Specialty Education: After completing his specialty training, Op. Dr. Mücahid Ahlatçı received a Ministry of Health approved Laparoscopy certificate and became a highly skilled specialist in the field of surgery.

Acupuncture Training: Op. Dr. Mücahid Ahlatçı shows interest in alternative medicine methods as well as traditional treatments in the medical field. He has undergone 6 months of acupuncture training, helping him to offer more options to his patients.

Sexual Therapy Training: In 2011, she completed the Sexual Therapy Training given by the Sexual Dysfunctions Association (CISED) and improved her knowledge on sexual health and therapy.

Access Bars Trainer and Practitioner Certificate: Mücahid Ahlatçı holds an international Access Bars trainer and practitioner certificate. This certificate reflects his deep knowledge in the field of energy therapy and his interest in alternative treatment methods.

Publications and Discoveries:

Op. Dr. Mücahid Ahlatçı is known for his 12 international and 19 domestic published articles in the field of medicine. These articles reflect his discoveries on important health issues such as polycystic ovary syndrome and its treatment.


Since 2018, Op. Dr. Mücahid Ahlatçı has been serving his patients in his own clinic in Adana. By establishing his own clinic, he has had the opportunity to offer a more personal and unique approach to his patients.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Discovery: Op. Dr. Mücahid Ahlatçı is known for his great discoveries and success in polycystic ovary syndrome and its treatment. His work in this field has helped many patients and has been recognized by the scientific community.

Access Bars Instructor: As an international Access Bars trainer and practitioner, she has positively impacted the lives of many people through her work in the field of energy therapy. This field offers the opportunity to offer a more comprehensive perspective to his patients and support their healing process.

Op. Dr. Mücahid Ahlatçı is a doctor who is committed to maximizing the health of his patients by combining traditional and alternative methods of medicine. At the same time, as a devoted father, he successfully balances both work and family life.

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