Uşak City Guide

Uşak is located in the Aegean Region of Turkey. Today, the city has become one of the most important agricultural and industrial centers of the region. The economy of the Uşak province is based on agriculture and agriculture-based industry, and leather, yarn, blankets and ceramics manufacturing. The continental climate is dominant, with hot and dry summers and warmer winters than in central Anatolia. The precipitation brought by the clouds coming over the Aegean Sea separates the provincial climate from the Central Anatolian climate.

Check out the most comprehensive Uşak city guide now. You will find the answers of many questions like “Places to see in Uşak” or “How to get to Uşak ?” in this guide.

City name UŞAK
Region Aegean
Population 370,509
Population Density 69/km2
Pop. Growth Rate 0,81%
Surface Area 5,382
Postal Code 64xxx
Area Code 276
GDP (Per capita) 9,905 $

Uşak has only 6 districts including city center. Eşme and Banaz are the most developed districts of the city after city center with 70.000 population totally. There are some industrial foundations in different districts of the city.

The districts of Uşak are Banaz, Eşme, Karahallı, Sivaslı and Ulubey. You will find detailed information for all districts of Uşak in this guide.

Short History of Uşak

Uşak, whose name was “Temenothyrea” in ancient times, is located in the region connecting Western and Central Anatolia in the Inner Aegean Region. It has been determined that the uninterrupted settlement in the area, where the settlement was observed after 4000, started in the old Bronze Age. Before the historical ages, it came under the rule of Phrygia, then Lydia and Alexander the Great in 330 BC. B.C. Roman Empire in 189, M.S. In 395, when the empire was divided into two, it passed to the Eastern Roman Empire. In 1176, the region was definitely under Seljuk rule. Uşak, which joined the Germiyan Principality with the collapse of the Seljuk State and the Ottoman lands in 1429, became an accident connected to the Kütahya province, and became the city center in 1953 during the Republic period.

Accommodation in Uşak will be important if you are not resident in this city. There are only a few hotels in different parts of the city.

If you are looking for real estate for sale in Uşak or real estate for rent in Uşak , you are on the right page. As of the end of July 2020 in Uşak, the prices of houses for sale increased by 16.56% in the last year. Average size of houses for sale is 135 square meters. Considering the annual averages, as of the end of July 2020, the most appreciated districts in Uşak for housing were Banaz and Eşme, respectively.

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Do you want to get detailed information about hospitals in Uşak ? In Uşak, there are 5 state hospitals , 1 training and research hospital and 2 private hospitals. Almost all districts have hospitals in different regions of the city. 

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Road Transportation

Uşak, which is on the Ankara-İzmir Highway, is located on the route that connects the west of the Aegean with the Central Anatolia Region. With this feature, the city has a busy road traffic. Usak Turkey’s possible to reach by direct bus services from many cities.

Air Transportation

There are regular direct flights to Istanbul from Uşak Airport, which is located in the city center of Uşak. Indirect be able to reach Usak to Istanbul from different cities of Turkey.

Railway Transportation

Afyon-Uşak-İzmir Railway also passes through the city center. You can reach the city by train using this route.

You will find the answers of the “Best places to visit in Uşak” or “Top 10 things to do and see in Uşak” questions in this guide. Uşak, which has rich resources such as natural beauties, recreation areas, thermal resources and ancient cities, is not a city that can be visited and completed in a short time. Ulubey Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world. Ulubey Canyon consists of a large canyon that continues along the Ulubey Stream and Banaz Stream, as well as many other small canyons connected to this canyon. The canyon, which is 45 km long, 170 meters deep and 50-100 meters wide, is located 30 km from the center. The Uşak Archeology Museum, which started its activities in 1970, attracts thousands of visitors today. It should be noted that the showcases of the museum are separated according to historical periods and contain the works of many emperors who ruled throughout history. Hamamboğazı Hot Springs, located 7 km from Banaz district, are among the most important thermal springs of Uşak. These thermal springs, which are a thermal tourism region, consist of four main resources. Blandus Ancient City, which is 40 km away from Uşak, is located in the village of Sülümenli in the district of Ulubey. It was founded by the communities that migrated from Macedonia after the campaign of Alexander the Great to Anatolia.

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There are only one state university located in Uşak named as Uşak University.

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