Where Can I Purchase House In Istanbul For Investment?

16 January 2019 0 Comment(s)

For years, Istanbul has been attracting attention with its real estate investment conditions in some districts. The fact that the population has increased more than expected in a very short period of time allows the real estate market in the city to maintain its mobility continuously. Where to buy a house in Istanbul for investment? Depending on the region of a house in the investment to be made in Istanbul square meter prices vary from 800 thousand to 4 thousand TL.

While making investment in Istanbul, you should prefer not only the low prices of square meters but also the districts that are likely to rise. It is also possible to compare different price ranges of investments in residential areas by regions.

The most saving district of Istanbul

The most saving district with property investment is recorded as Eyüp between 2017-2018. The average price increases in Eyüp in 2017 reached 20 %. As the district, which has a minimum rate of 19%, has registered as a district, it has realized more than twice the difference in the districts with the lowest rate of 8 %. At the end of 2017, the value of the real estate worth 100 thousand TL became eligible to be considered as 119 thousand TL.

Annual rate of price increase in Istanbul

Higher sales rates, annual price increases, historical price increases, total population of the city and annual migration amount should be considered. By examining the square meter prices of a suitable area, especially in the future, it is necessary to choose the regions that are more likely to earn more.

Instead of old apartments, in order to get profit in short and long term in Istanbul, we should evaluate the rate of price increase according to the last period. Where to buy a house in Istanbul for investment? With a statement made, it is necessary to evaluate the situations in which a few different districts are affected, not just the neighborhood you selected. However, the desired housing can be found and it can be foreseen how the price of one year to twenty-year term will increase.

Kanal İstanbul route catches the attention of investors

Kanal İstanbul which provides increasing the number of districts suitable for investments, will be the main reason of increasing house prices in 5 different districts. Where to buy a house in Istanbul for investment? Those who want to invest in Istanbul, especially in the districts of Avcılar, Esenyurt, Arnavutköy, Basakşehir and Küçükçekmece districts need to be directed on the route of Kanal İstanbul project. The fact that both high and long-term price increases are expected to be achieved may lead to gains above expected in all houses and lands to be purchased.

According to the experts, the comments are made for not only houses, but also for workplaces at the same time. In a few years of investment, it supports very high rates of earnings, as well as investments over a decade or more. The investments to be realized on the Kanal İstanbul route will be the investment types expected to increase by more than 20% in terms of square meters. In this way, your investment will be answered and you can always make your sales in a short time.


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