How To Apply For Turkish Citizenship?

Would you like to make a profitable investment by buying property and become Turkish citizen ?

Turkey is one of the leading economies of Europe and the world. As a result of that, many people from different countries of the world prefer Turkey for making investment or founding business at the last years. It’s your turn ! You can also apply for Turkish citizen with the new investor programme in Turkey. There are four main criteria determined by the President on September 2018. According to the new regulation, the foreigners who :

  • make 250,000 $ property investment
  • found/buy a company with 500,000 $ capital
  • deposit 500,000 $ in State investment instruments or state banks operating in Turkey provided that they do not withdraw such amount for three years.
  • employ 50 personnel

can apply for Turkish citizenship.

It’s too easy to get benefit from the investment advantages with special conditions. For example :

  • It’s not obligatory to live in Turkey to take part into programme
  • You can take your investment back after three years with its legal rate of interest.
  • You can sell your immovable.
  • Your Turkish citizenship continues during your life.
  • Furthermore, it’s not required to renounce the citizenship of your current country of residence.

As Invest Guide Turkey, we offer real estate guide programme for you. You can choose your property with our real estate guide and begin your application process for Turkish citizenship easily. You will find all of the features and details of properties on our guide and deciding the best one will be easy for you. You can also learn all of the legal details with contacting us via  +90 (312) 424 15 75.

The concept of Turkish citizenship is possible with your property investment with the new legal regulation. Today, it’s possible to get Turkish citizenship with 250.000 USD property investment or 500.000 USD business investment.

You can learn your convenience status for being a Turkish citizen with the condition of property investment or other investment types. You can contact us via +90 (312) 424 15 75. Also, you can fill the contact form, our customer representatives will call you in a short time.



Our company provides the Turkish Citizenship process for you from purchasing stage of house to applying stage for citizenship legally.


Only in four months and you don’t have to declare your wealth.

Time condition for all investments is 3 years. You can be a Turkish Citizen with the condition that you can take back all investments along with legal revenues three years later, applicant’s spouse and children who are less than 18 years…


services for Foreigners who will gain a Turkish Citizen by making property investment

Either choose the property you will invest in or invest in the residential and commercial property that we will recommend; if you get consultancy services from us, we will carry out all the legal procedure in Turkey.


Identify your need

Property Search service for finding the ideal property. We have experts who will help you throughout the process for completing all the legal procedure from property search to purchasing the property.


Purchasing process

ATA Institutional Consultancy will carry out all the legal procedure (transfer procedure) to ensure that purchase is completed flawlessly. After the seller accepts your offer, we confirm that there is no problem.