Tesla Obtained the Authorization to Open a Charging Station in Turkey!

Tesla Obtained the Authorization to Open a Charging Station in Turkey!

Electric cars are now everywhere in our lives and charging stations continue to be installed on these cars for the necessary power.

There has been another important development today regarding Tesla, which has been experiencing developments that it will enter the Turkish market for a while. Electric car manufacturer Tesla received a charging network operator license from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA).

With this license granted to Tesla by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, the number of companies that have the right to establish a charging station in Turkey has reached 119. According to the statement, these 119 companies, including Tesla, will have the right to set up charging stations. to provide charging services to cars by establishing charging stations across the country.

Charging Station

Tesla Among 119 Companies With Charging Station License

Just like other licensed companies, Tesla will serve all electric car models with the charging stations it will establish in Turkey, and will determine the price of the charging service based on unit energy (kWh).

While the number of electric cars was 7,694 as of the end of 2021 in our country, which currently has 3,728 charging stations, this figure reached 14,896 at the end of 2022.

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