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Visa question
Jeanne 4 weeks önce gönderdi

Good evening
Please I have a preoccupation, in fact I am a register student in north Cyprus. And I want to change the country Cyprus to Turkey. And I would enter with tourist visa, but please after witch visa can I apply so that I can leave in Turkey. Because I want to install myself there, because my sister she is leaving there and I want to stay with her. Please just want to know the resident permis I can apply for. Thank you and please I need your answer

Residence Permit


  • Expat Guide Turkey
    April 6, 2021 - 10:36 am

    After entering Turkey on basis of tourist visa you will be eligible for touristic residence permit application. This kind of permit can be granted for up to one year at first and later it can be extended if you meet certain criteria or can be transferred to another type of residence permit or work permit if you will find an employer in Turkey.

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