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Visa exemption in Turkey
Jason 2 weeks önce gönderdi

I’m visiting Turkey with a visa exemption for 90 days. I have already applied for a residence permit but the earliest appointment I could get was 1.5 months AFTER my 90-day exemption ends.

What happens if I stay in the country during that period? Will there be any repercussions regarding my residence permit application when they see that I have overstayed my visa?

It’s practically impossible to get an appointment within the 90-day period when the earliest appointments available are 2.5-3 months after filling out the online application form. I appreciate your advice here.



  • Expat Guide Turkey
    April 15, 2021 - 9:50 am

    As long as you lodge online application before expiration of your visa you are allowed to stay in Turkey legally during the whole application process even if your visa expires in the meantime. Moreover, you should not leave Turkey before receiving residence permit card, otherwise your application may be cancelled.

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