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Required documents for driving license in Turkey
liliu 4 weeks önce gönderdi

I’ve sent an email earlier this evening and I had one other question … of the list below, of necessary documents to prepare for the ‘randevu’ may I ask what is he difference between 1 and 5? I only have one driver’s license from Hawaii. Also, I do not have any learning certificate documents in hand as I have been a driver for many years.

What are the Documents Required in the Process of Changing the Driver’s License from Foreign Countries ?

1. Original and colourful copy of the foreign driver’s license
2. Turkish notarized or consulate translation of driver’s license
3. ID Card
4. Health Report of Driver
5. Driving license, valuable paper and fee, foundation share
6. 1 biometric photo
7. Written statement indicating the blood group
8. Learning Certificate, notarized translation of the learning documents received from abroad
9. Criminal Record Certificate (It is controlled electronically in the system.)

The foreign driving license is returned upon completion of the application process. If all documents are submitted completely and accurately, the application process will be completed and the new driver’s license will be delivered to the address specified by PTT within 15 days.



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