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Reapplying for Turkish Visa
Sylvanjie 4 weeks önce gönderdi

I am a Police officer from The Gambia. I came to Turkey at the request of the Turkish Embassy in Banjul for officers to attend a Police Chief’s training and Non-thesis Master’s at the Police Academy in Golbasi since December 2020. When the COVID19 stated, we were asked to leave the academy till further notice. Funnily my first permit got expired in August and by December i stated renewing it and finally got enrolled in December 23,2020 but having waited for two months i decided to go to the immigration office to enquire only to be told i was rejected and i should leave the country and reapply for visa. It sounds really crazy that i face such harassment and regretted even coming to Turkey but as it stands i don’t know what to do as i came to Turkey through diplomatic protocol and i cannot just go with 10 days.
Please advice on the step i can take.

Residence Permit


  • Expat Guide Turkey
    April 6, 2021 - 10:55 am

    The actions, which can be taken to reapply for residence permit depends on the reason of rejection of your previous application. If you are eligible to reapply through lawyer it may not be necessary for you to leave the country. Otherwise you must leave Turkey and reenter with new visa to apply for residence permit in order to avoid being banned to reenter the country in the future.

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