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Paying fine for overstaying
Nadeem 3 weeks önce gönderdi

I overstayed in Turkey spending more than 90 days in 180 days. I made a mistake and re-entered turkey after I was allowed to leave with no penalty due to Covid 19. Up on my exit from turkey on my second attempt I was told to pay 460tl in Admin penalty for breach. I did not have no cash on me and they didn’t take card payments plus I was late for my flight. So I was not able to make the penalty payment.

I was given a paper that indicates I am banned from entering turkey for 3 months. This is not a problem. I am happy to wait for 3 months to go back to Turkey?

The problem is that the paper also indicates:

“all provisions with respect to preliminary permission decision stemming from the non payment of your administrative fine are reserved regardless of the expiration of the entry ban decision imposed on you”

What does this mean? Will I be able to pay the fine upon my entry after the 3 months ban has expired or what could be the provisions for non payment of the fine??

Please advise. Thank you.

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