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Occupations for foreigners in Turkey
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Can foreigners who have a Project Management degree/diploma work in Turkey as project managers? If yes, what is expected of them or what are the requirements?

I also wanna ask the same question for foreign Architects.

Work Permit


  • Expat Guide Turkey
    April 16, 2021 - 10:31 am

    Foreigners can be employed in Turkey as project managers or as architects. Related diploma must be provided to related authorities during work permit application. Only employer can apply for work permit on behalf of a foreigner. Foreigners can not apply for work permit in their own name or without having a job in Turkey. Application for foreigner who has residence permit valid in total for at least 6 months can be done within Turkey. For foreigners who are not residence permit holders, application must be done via Turkish Consulate in their home country.

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