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How to invest in Turkey for Bangladeshi citizens?
Assad Zaman 3 weeks önce gönderdi

Hi, I am planning to settle in Turkey with my spouse. We both are from Bangladesh. At first we are planning to go there with a Tourist Visa of 30 days. I think that’s the maximum days visa limit for Bangladeshi citizens. Please correct me if I am wrong. Then we plan to rent a house, get health insurance for both of us and then apply for touristic residence permit for 1/2 years. Is there any possibility for not getting the Touristic Residence Permit after every document is provided legally?

We plan on buying an Apartment in Antalya within 7/8 months so that we can get the Property Owner Residence Permit.
After buying the Apartment, do I have to leave turkey and come back in order to apply for a Property Owner Residence Permit?

Also I would like to ask about income tax please. I am a freelancer and all of my income comes from outside of Turkey. Does income tax apply to me?

Thank you in advance for advising.



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