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How to calculate overstaying fee in Turkey?
Mony 3 weeks önce gönderdi

Hello! I have the following concern:
I am from South America. My tourist visa expire 1st February 2021. I just want to stay in Turkey 2 month more because I have a rental contract (if I cancel the contract before time I wont receive the deposite back). I dont want to apply for a tourist residence permit 1 year lenght because I dont want to pay 200 euros en total for only 2 month more here.
I read about fines in this website, first month is $25 fine + remaining months $5. Or how should I calculate the fine?
So tecnically is convenient, in my case, overstay and when I leave pay the fine, right?
And another thing: lets say a policeman ask me for my passport on the street and he/she see I am overstaying. Can I face deportation in that case? Or the same solution: will I pay the fine when I leave?
I await for an answer. Thanks a lot.

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