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Address registration in Turkey
Jung Bae Youn 2 weeks önce gönderdi

Good day Sir. I need your help for address registration. What I understand to register my address some document is required to be proven that I am living in my house sucs as contranct for rent or invoice for electronic or internet which is mentioned with my name. But, my house contracted with my company name and for electronic and internet is paid by house owner based on contract condition. In this situation, please let me know other documentation which could be useful to register my address.
Confirmation Letter for my employee with my company stamp could be acceptable? Your kind advice will be appreciated.

Residence Permit


  • Expat Guide Turkey
    April 15, 2021 - 9:08 am

    In order to register your address in local Directorate of Population you either need to provide any bill stating your address (it can be also phone or internet bill) or a Turkish citizen registered under the same address must visit the Directorate with you in order to confirm your residency address.

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