The Maiden’s Tower

Various rumors have been told about the Maiden’s Tower and it has been the subject of legends.  It is a structure built on a small islet in Salacak off the coast of the Bosphorus, close to the Marmara Sea. The tower, which has become the symbol of Üsküdar, is the only work remaining from the Byzantine period in Üsküdar. The tower, which has a historical history dating back to 24 BC, was established on a small island where the Black Sea meets the Marmara. Some European historians call it Leander Tower. There are many rumors about the tower. The foundations of the tower seen today and the important parts of the lower floor are the period of Mehmed II. The landing around the tower is wide covered. On a marble slab in the form of a medallion, there is a signature dated 1832, taken out of the pen of Calligrapher Rasim, of Sultan Mahmud II, who gave the tower its current shape. The Eminönü side of the tower is wider and there is also a cistern here. The Maiden’s Tower, which has a very old historical background, was once used to collect taxes from ships passing through the Bosphorus. A large chain was drawn along the European Side with the tower, and ships were allowed to pass between the Anatolian Side and the Maiden’s Tower (at that time, the ship could pass because of its small size). After a while, the Tower could not carry the chain and collapsed towards the European Side. When looking into the water from the tower, its ruins are visible.


How to get to the Maiden Tower is wondered by many people. Access to the Maiden’s Tower is possible via Üsküdar Salacak. There are also expeditions via Kabataş.

  There are expeditions  to the Maiden Tower via Salacak every day of the week. There is a time every 15 minutes between 09:15 a.m and 06:30 p.m. It is possible to reach the Maiden’s Tower at this time. There is also an opportunity to reach the Maiden’s Tower via Kabataş. However, the times of the weekends and weekdays are different for the expeditions going via Kabataş. There is a bus from Kabataş every 1 hour between 12:00 p.m and 06:00p.m on weekdays. On weekends, there is 1 time in 1 hour between 10:00 a.m and 06:00 p.m via Kabataş.

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