Emirgan Park

Emirgan Park is a grove located in Sarıyer district of Istanbul. It is located on the shores of the Bosphorus, between Emirgan-İstinye districts. It is spread over ridges and slopes in an area of 47.2 hectares on the shores of the Bosphorus. It is surrounded by high walls. Emirgan Grove, where you can observe the most magnificent form of the Tulip Festival held in April every year, is one of the green and forested places preferred by Istanbulites who want to escape from the chaos of Istanbul at the weekend and leave themselves in the arms of nature. In Emirgan Park, you can take wonderful pictures with colorful flowers, trees with special motifs and the Bosphorus view, have a picnic, enjoy breakfast in one of the 3 mansions or enjoy eating and drinking at other meals. Emirgan Park is highly preferred, especially because of the breakfast served in the mansions on weekends. The breakfasts served as a mixed breakfast on weekdays are open buffet on weekends. In addition to having breakfast in the mansions in Emirgan Park, it is also possible to bring picnic materials from your home and have a picnic. When you enter from the gate of the Koru on the Reşitpaşa side, the picnic area immediately appears.


Emirgan Park is located in Sarıyer District of Istanbul, in Emirgan and Istinye districts, on the shore of the Bosphorus.


In order to reach Emirgan Park by public transportation, all municipal buses that go to Sarıyer direction from the coastal road can be used. You can get on these buses from Eminönü or Beşiktaş, or from any stop on the coastal road such as Kuruçeşme, Arnavutköy or Bebek. (22, 25E, 40T, 42T) After getting off at Emirgan stop, Emirgan Park is a 5-minute walk away. It is the most logical method for those coming from the Anatolian side to go to Beşiktaş by ferry or motor from Kadıköy or Üsküdar, and then take one of the buses going from the coast to Sarıyer. The Bosphorus view can also be enjoyed on this route.


To go to Emirgan Grove by private vehicle, you can reach Emirgan Grove by taking the coastal road from Beşiktaş or Sarıyer direction to Emirgan from the coastal road and following the signs on the left on Sakıp Sabancı Street.

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