England speaks Mine: Promising research in type 2 diabetes and MS

England speaks Mine: Promising research in type 2 diabetes and MS

Researchers at the University of Cambridge in England have identified hundreds of proteins that can lead to diseases such as MS and diabetes. The work, led by Turkish PhD Student Mine Köprülü, could lead to the development of new treatments for such diseases.

“We have identified hundreds of proteins that are instrumental in the emergence of chronic metabolic diseases.” This statement belongs to Mine Köprülü, a researcher at Cambridge University in England.

In the study, led by doctoral student Köprülü, it was determined that 900 regions in the human genome are associated with approximately 3,000 proteins in the body.

Comparing this information with markers of hundreds of genetic diseases, the researchers announced that they found more than 500 links in the gene, protein and disease triangle.

For example, it turned out that people with high levels of the hormone GRP in their blood have a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

type 2 diabetes

It is stated that this hormone prevents obesity.

The study also identified a protein called DKKL 1, which plays a role in Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The underlying cause of many metabolic diseases is thought to be related to certain proteins in the body.

Detection of these proteins will lead to advances in the better understanding of diseases and the development of treatments.

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