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Coca-Cola Creates a New Carbonated Drink with Artificial Intelligence!

Coke from the Future: Coca-Cola Creates a New Carbonated Drink with Artificial Intelligence!

Coca-Cola announced that it has produced a new carbonated drink with the support of artificial intelligence. Here are the details about the drink from the future!

A new one is being added to the Coca-Cola products that everyone has been consuming for years. According to the press release from the company, CocaCola is now joining the artificial intelligence caravan.

Coca-Cola announced the name and features of its new carbonated drink, which it introduced with the slogan “drink from the future”. The way the drink emerged also attracted the attention of consumers.

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Where will it be sold?

It was announced that the new drink called Y3000 will be available in certain markets such as Canada, China, Europe and Africa, especially in the USA. Y3000, produced in limited numbers, emerged with the predictions from artificial intelligence.

There is a reason why the drink is called Y3000. Coca-Cola believes that even in the year 3000, it will still be a very popular brand all over the world. There is an emphasis on the fact that consumers will not be able to give up Coke even in very advanced years.

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Company director Oana Vlad said the Following

“We hope that Coca-Cola will be as relevant and refreshing in the year 3000 as it is today, so we challenged ourselves to explore what a cola from the future might taste like. We deliberately brought together human intelligence and artificial intelligence for a refreshing expression of what CocaCola believes tomorrow will bring.”

The drink, which is said to be produced with zero sugar, was created with a futuristic understanding of flavor. Y3000, which attracted attention with its interesting packaging, caused CocaCola to come to the agenda again.

Would you like to taste Coca-Cola’s new drink? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the section below.

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