‘Artificial Intelligence’ Started to Present News in Turkey

Robot servers developed with artificial intelligence technology started to be used in Turkey. The ‘robot server’ developed through the social media account conveys the latest information on the agenda to its followers.

Technology continues to evolve day by day.

Artificial intelligence has now started to provide news.

Presenting the Important Developments of the Day

Developed in the light of the latest developments in the world, artificial intelligence technology has also appeared in the field of presenting.

In the technology developed in Turkey through the social media account, the announcer conveys the latest developments and the important news of the day to his followers.

She’s speaking Turkish

‘Alexa’, which broadcasts on the robotvmedia channel on social media, presents both national and international developments with images.

Turkish-speaking newscaster Alexa shares instant news in many categories, from the election agenda in Turkey to last-minute events, from economy to technology.

Different Dress for Every News

It does not go unnoticed that Alexa wears different clothes, changes her make-up and hairstyle in every news item.

With the project, which aims to combine classical media with artificial intelligence, the technology of the future, it is aimed that journalism is still active and remarkable in social media.

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